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  • Ambassador’s Special Self Help Program 2014

    Ambassador’s Special Self Help Program 2014

    July 31, 2014: Ambassador Villarosa awarded grants totaling USD 40,000 to seven NGOs in Mauritius and one in Rodrigues. The grants are funded through the Ambassador’s Self Help Program, which supports projects that improve socioeconomic conditions and benefit the community at the grassroots level.

  • YALI Presidential Summit Viewing Party

    YALI Presidential Summit Viewing Party

    July 30, 2014: The Embassy organized a viewing party of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Presidential Summit held on Monday in Washington D.C. at Life Restaurant in Port-Louis. Approximately 45 YALI alumni, Young African Leaders Network (YALN) members and Yes You(th) Can alumni attended the event.

  • Ambassador Hosts Iftar Dinner

    Ambassador Hosts Iftar Dinner

    July 23, 2014: Ambassador Shari Villarosa hosted an Iftar dinner at her residence last night. It was an opportunity for young Muslims and non-Muslims to share and build on interfaith understanding.

  • “Sustainability Tour” Visits IRC!

    “Sustainability Tour” Visits IRC!

    July 17, 2014: As part of their “Sustainability Tour”, Karuna Rana and Meghna Raghoobar of the SIDS Youth Aim Hub and the Young African Leaders Initiative Network talked with members of the EducationUSA Advising Center about developing a youth-led sustainable development in Mauritius.

  • American University Students Meet Ambassador

    American University Students Meet Ambassador

    July 16, 2014: Ambassador Shari Villarosa met with students from American university who volunteered to teach English in Mauritius from July 21 to August 15 with the Learning Enterprises Group.


Additional Embassy Information

  • Alumni Small Grants Competition
    Alumni Small Grants Competition

    The Embassy of the United States of America to Mauritius and Seychelles is pleased to announce the launch of an alumni small grants competition. Winning proposals will be eligible to receive approximately Rs. (Mauritian) 60,000. Deadline: August 25, 2014. More information  here »

  • Embassy Logo
    Alumni, the Embassy wants to connect with YOU!

    Have you participated in a U.S.-Government funded exchange or education program locally or in the United States? Have you studied in an American University? If so, the Embassy of the United States of America wants to connect with YOU! It does not matter if it was a year or 15 years (or more) ago! Download the Alumni Registration Form and follow the instructions. Please share the information if you know someone who is eligible. For questions, email Download the Alumni Registration Form  here »

  • Embassy Logo
    Fraudulent U.S. Visa Businesses on the Rise

    Port Louis, May 28, 2014: Several companies in Mauritius and online claim to offer U.S. visa “expediting” services, often promising to assist with the issuance of U.S. visas for a hefty fee. The United States Embassy in Port Louis wishes to advise all visa applicants that these claims are false. U.S. visas fees can only be paid to the consular cashier at the U.S. Embassy in Port Louis at the time of the visa interview, and are only accepted in cash (U.S. dollars or Mauritian rupees). No other fees are required, and any other payment visa applicants makes to any entity outside of this official process has no bearing on their visa applications or interviews. For any questions or clarification, please contact the U.S. consular team by e-mail at  

  • $100 note redesigned
    The redesigned $100 note: Easy to use, hard to counterfeit

    The redesigned $100 note will be issued on October 8, 2013. It will begin circulating across the US and around the world in the weeks and months that follow. It is not necessary to trade in your older-design notes for new ones. This $100 note was redesigned to protect your money by staying ahead of counterfeiters. More than a decade of research went into the redesigned note’s security features. The redesigned $100 notes are easy to authenticate. Over than the watermark, look for two new security features: a 3D security ribbon and the bell in the Inkwell. For more information, click  here »

  • It gets better project
    It gets better project

    The mission of the It Gets Better Project is to communicate to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth around the world that it gets better, and to create and inspire the changes needed to make it better for them.  For more information »



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  • Direct Line Call Direct Line Call on August 19th at 1700 hrs local (0900 EST in the US)!


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  • Labor Day  
    Monday, September 1, 2014

    The U.S. Embassy will be closed on that day. For other holidays observed, please consult the full holiday listing.


  • Ejournal USA
    Strategic Moves: Using Smart Sanctions in the 21st Century

    August 2014 - The U.S. uses sanctions to alter the behavior of bad actors and tries to minimize any harm to general populations. Learn how sanctions work. Plus international entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, winning female coaches and what it means to be cool. In all 50 states, Americans, naturalized citizens, and tourists alike celebrate the 238th year of U.S. independence. Plus, where teens are spending their summers, why the health of our oceans affects our planet and how you may one day get to be a tourist in space.